Menu - Montreal

Brazilian dishes, to eat in or take away:

For the aperitif or as a starter:

Pao de queijo (a kind of small gougères with cheese and manioc flour)

Coxinha (chicken rissole)

Main courses:

Moqueca de Poisson (fish in Bahian sauce, various vegetables, dendê oil)

Shrimp Bobo (shrimp with a cassava-based sauce)

Feijoada (black beans cooked with various pork meats, served with rice, fine cassava flour and orange slices)



Main course



All dishes are prepared by Santos, from home-made recipes, with fresh products.

Cassava chips

Pao de queijo (cassava and cheese gougère). Gluten free!

Coxinha de frango (chicken and coriander rissole).

Feijoada (traditional dish made of black beans, pork meat, served with rice and farofa, fine manioc flour)

Bobô de Camarao (shrimps with manioc cream - coconut)

Moqueca de peixe (fish - cod or swordfish - in bahiana sauce): dendê oil, coconut milk).

Homemade desserts


Mango / passion fruit ice cream

Beijinho (coconut-orange bite)

Brigadeiro (chocolate bite)

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